Northwest Services, Inc. offers GatorHyde's Rapid Curing, High-Pressure spray-applied protective coating. It provides a versatile, advanced, long lasting and durable elastomeric coating.

Regardless of the application, the complete family of GatorHyrde polyurea coating systems, manufactured by CHEMLINE, INC. are designed to provide excellent protection to your Pick-Up, Farm Equipment, Trailer Bed, Container Bottom, Work Truck, or any steel application needing solid protection against the onslaught of corrrosive salt and chemical attack.

When it comes to sheer performance, abrasion resistance and complete waterproofing, nothing equals GatorHyde Protective Coating systems. GatorHyde is not sensitive to high humidity, or even low temperatures. It can be applied in the most extreme conditions and still cure in seconds not minutes or hours.

GatorHyde coatings are complete monolithic membranes (seamless) therefore eliminating the possibility for a potential seam leak. GatorHyde will NOT peel, flake or chip and because of its unique elastomeric qualities is very resilient upon impact and will not crack like harder coatings will.
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