Northwest Services, Inc. was founded in June of 2000. We are currently employing 18 men and constructing over 350 various sized containers per month.

We are your One Stop Container Supplier, offering a full line of Roll Offs, Luggers, Front Load, Containers, Rear Load Containers. We can meet your custom manufacturing needs, including specialty and fabrication products. Northwest Services boasts a complete fabrication facility that includes shearing & forming steel to 1/2” thick, full plasma capabilities (including Oxy-Fuel), sandblasting & painting of new and used equipment, compactor repair and fabrication. We also refurbish and repaint using our customized blast and paint booths. Northwest Services can handle on the road truck service, to repair containers at your’s or your customer’s location.

Located in the industrial side of the Steelyard Commons, Northwest Services, Inc. boasts a 45,000 sq. ft. building with complete capabilities to address all your needs.
Northwest Services can handle on the road truck service, to repair containers at your's or your customer's location.

We have18 Welding Stations

We use only prime and excess prime materials, allowing us to create a better final appearance. Additionally, by using these prime materials, our containers hold up to heavier usage and customer abuse.

We Custom Manufacture and Fabricate the following:
Waste Haulers
Scrap Haulers
Dump Trucks
Truck Frames
Environmental Containers
Frac Tanks
Containment Vessels
Salt Haulers
Self Dumping Hoppers
Convenient 300 Mile Shipping Radius
3980 Jennings Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44109
Phone: (216-661-0500 Fax: (216) 661-0900
3980 Jennings Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44109

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